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Posted on by Terry Smith


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At Tstars we are here to remind you of all the special occasions in your life to share love and gifts with your family. This coming Sunday (Sep 9th) is National Grandparents Day, and now is the time to get them a gift.


Nothing is better than getting them a cool t-shirt, mug or hat, maybe a hammer, to show them you appreciate them, so make sure to visit our store and choose a gift.


Before you do, here are 10 reminders of why we love them so much:


  1. They have patience for days. They don’t have the busy hectic life parents do, so kids feel attended to in a very patient and loving way.
  2. They are always excited to see their grandchildren.
  3. They give a lot of gifts, probably more than any other family member.
  4. They pay for house chores, often above minimum wage  - they are truly the first boss for every kid, the original way of earning money.
  5. They are not on their mobile phone all day - they didn’t grow up with technology and extremely attentive in interactions with children, while many parents today are preoccupied on their phone.
  6. They are a wealth of information - they know everything!
  7. They love their grandchildren unconditionally.
  8. They let kids skip lunch for candy.
  9. They always have candy.
  10. They are the best gift givers!


That’s why this is the time to give back to Grandparents and show them some love!

Get them one of these cool shirts and show them some love:

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