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Posted on by Terry Smith

Leave it to us, Americans, to celebrate our country as often as possible. 4th of July, Presidents Day, Memorial Day and now Labor Day, are our opportunities to look at our great nation, and be thankful.

While Labor Day celebrates our jobs and workforce, we celebrate by taking the day off to enjoy the reason we work so hard all year long - our family and loved ones. BBQs, beach gatherings, park picnics and holiday cook-outs, all take place in the upcoming Monday, and we are here to help you celebrate, and wear cool t-shirt designs that Make Life Worth Wearing.

Here are a few reasons to celebrate working in America, on our day off! And also some cool shirts you can be proud to wear in your upcoming Labor Day gathering:


labor day tshirts

Work Friendships

We value friendships. Considering we spend most of our time at work, many of them have developed at work. Work Friendships are a big part of being an American and we cherish these unions.

This Labor Day grab some T’s on and share with your buddies. Show them your appreciation for their hard work, and for working long hours with you all year.


beer shirt


Beer is another American habit we appreciate. Especially after-work beer, weekend beer, lunch beer (if work allows), or really, anytime beer.

Beer reminds us of our hard work - and relief from it. So this Labor Day we celebrate Beer. Because we can. Because we earned it.


unicorn American flag shirt

Working Women

Women have come a long way since the “We Can Do It!” movement. Women are now entrepreneurs, CEOs, and hold equal positions to men in the workforce. There are still a few adjustments to be made, but overall, women today are Wonder Women, at home and at work. Some sort of Unicorns.

It only makes sense to wear a uni-merica shirt.


baby american shirt



We all love babies. And American babies are Born Free! No other country offers as much freedom and fun as the land of the free.

This is the time to show our babies what it means to be free, and why we work so hard all year for this freedom.

Get this cool Labor Day shirt for your kids.


Enjoy your Labor Day celebration, and visit our store for more cool shirt designs.