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Posted on by Terry Smith

Halloween Is In The Air and we Can Smell the candy!

It’s our favorite time of the year, when the holiday season is near and family time is on our mind. This is the time of year to celebrate our loved ones, shower them with gifts, collecting sweet memories that last a lifetime. And there is no better holiday to kick it off than Halloween! When we get to dress up, make each other laugh, smile, maybe even cry, and cherish every moment.

At Tstars, as parents, we know the importance of having an easy costume that stands out and gets attention. Especially for our little ones as they approach strangers’ doors asking for the one thing we told them to never accept from a stranger - candy! But hey, as long as we are there by their side it makes it all more magical and less creepy.

This year at Tstars creative studio we create a unique and fun selection of Halloween shirts, including skeleton shirts, ghosts shirts, pumpkin shirts and other Halloween costumes for ‘trick or treat’ or a fun Halloween party.

Halloween t-shirts and Halloween easy costumes are always a fun way to dress up and stand out in the sea of anticipated, and often predictable Halloween costumes.

Let’s get the party going with these fun Halloween ideas:


Skeleton t-shirts for fear & fun factor

pregnant skeleton shirt


Ghosts t-shirts for a spooky Halloween

boo ghost tshirt halloweenbaby ghost halloween


Pumpkin t-shirts for extra sweetness


pumpkin halloween shirtPumpkin princess shirt




Enjoy the shopping and treats in our online store!