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Folks have you ever had that one crazy funny uncle that always makes people laugh or is fun to hang around with? I don’t mean that responsible straight uptight uncle who shows up on time for every family Thanksgiving dinner, does things by the book and still looks somewhat cool. Nope I mean the uncle with a carefree way of living fun and cool at the same time like my own uncle Jimmy the rumple sauce. Yup! I know what you are thinking … and yes how and where he got the name is still a mystery.

Mine is the “do what I tell you and not what I do” type of guy. He would tell you the right thing and do the complete opposite. Usually, he would make us laugh by doing something silly and embarrassing himself, but it’s special nonetheless. Fun fact I never saw Uncle Jimmy the rumple sauce tuck in his shirt not once. He even showed up at my sister’s wedding with a suit, of course, shirt and tie didn’t tuck in, wearing All Stars, uncombed hair and still, he looked like one of them “Backstreet Boys”.

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Sure we all probably have our own “Jimmy the rumple sauce” that we love to hang around with but come to think of it how often do we appreciate the “Funcles” in our lives eh! I mean not just saying thank you for being there verbally but giving our “funcles” gifts that will make them look at it and say my niece or nephew gave me that. Best niece or nephew I ever had. 

Now, while there are tons of gifts out there, it can be challenging to choose what to give your “funcle” or “druncle”, (you know the funny drunkard in the family) especially for the girls as men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. This is event during family gatherings when we pick names for the annual Christmas gift giving, those who end up with uncles and male cousins are always confused as to what to get. When you are considering gift ideas for the “funcle” or “druncle” in your life, you should go the classic route, because it’s a gift he will most likely enjoy. For example, you could get him a “funcle” shirt or a “funcle” T-shirt from Tstars.

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If he is more of an eccentric, try something that matches his interest in the unusual or bizarre.

It wouldn’t hurt to get some fashion accessories as they make a great gift. They are more versatile than an item of clothing. A fashionable man will always be able to find a use for a nice tie or watch. But then these are our “funcles” and “druncles” we are talking about, rarely do they take anything seriously. Besides “druncles” would probably pawn a nice pair of watch anyway. So you are probably better off giving something like nice clothing with words like Pint written on it.

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It’s fun and quirky. Remember the value of it comes deep down from the heart not from how expensive the gift is.

So check out Tstars for those quirky “funcle” T-shirts and “funcle” shirts.


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