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We at Tstars know, the struggle was real. After a summer full of pool time, mommy & me yoga sessions, summer camp, Fortnite and “Wine Nights” - the kids are finally back to school!

Regardless of what grade your little one is entering, the emotions are flooding our hearts and anxiety is at an all time high. We wanted to offer you some help:

Here are 5 ways to get going back into the school year with full force, and also some cool, fun and awesome t-shirts and gift ideas for your kids, their teachers, other parents or yourself:


1) Don’t Show Your Emotions

This is probably not advice your therapist would give, but we at Tstars believe that you (and your kids) should always have a smile on your face. Hence why we recommend keeping good vibes going, smiling as hard as you can, and showing excitement towards the new school year - even through the stress of preparing for it.

Your child on the other hand, may not show equal excitement for going back to school. In fact, they may try to convince you to keep them home a few extra days, weeks, months or years. Don’t submit to the pressure! Stay strong!

Keep good vibes going with gifting them this cool shirt>>


kids shirt_kindergarten_good vibes


2) Schmooze The Teacher

Make sure that when you go to the meet-and-greet with your child’s teacher, you ask enough questions so they remember your face, but not too many, so they get scared of you.

Teachers are under a lot of pressure to preform and need to know you are supporting their efforts to make your child’s educational experience as painless and memorable as possible. 

Bribe is always an option. Get your child’s teacher this shirt as a gift >>


Teacher shirt_I teach little human_tshirt


3) What’s For Lunch?

It’s a known fact that your child probably doesn’t like what you are making him/her for lunch, and will most likely exchange it with a friend. Make sure to ask your child what their friends are having for lunch, and if it’s not outside your nutritional habits, offer to make it for them. That way the whole bartering and exchanging food process can be eliminated.

If your kid uses the school cafeteria for lunch, ask him/her what do they usually get. Make sure they don’t skip the important stuff and go straight for desert. Also, ask them who they are sitting with, or next to, at lunch time. Lunch time is a crucial social experience for kids at school age.

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4) Tilted Towers

The summer of 2018 has been officially titles as the “Summer of Fortnite”. Now with over 125 million players, we assume that if your children are ages 4-24, they most likely spent their nights on Fortnite.

The transition back to school for those folks will be harsh. Guiding them through better time management during the school year, doing their homework and reading, while still allowing time for some Fornite, will take adjustment. But, you can do it!

Put in place a clear schedule for the year, communicating exactly the time allocation for each.

Vbucks are a great way to bribe them to do extra chores (you didn’t hear it from us), but when things get rough, use this mug to set the right tone >>>

keep calm mug_teacher voice


5) Shop Till They Drop (a Smile)

From school supply to school uniform, to agendas, books, extracurricular classes, aftercare, soccer, ballet, piano, art and everything else we want them to be and do, the list for back to school purchases is never ending.

That’s why this is the perfect time to step outside the “stress-box” and share a fun gift with your child, teacher or other parents, that will put a smile on their face. Because after all, we are all in this together!

This shirt gives great confidence to kids about to enter the new school year >>

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We are so excited for the new school year, we created an entire collection of gifts to celebrate “Back to School' with you! Buy it for your kids, kids' teachers, other parents who went through the summer heat with you, or just for yourself!

Check out the full collection here for more ideas >>>

Enjoy the new school year, and don’t forget to stop by our store any time, for an anxiety release :)